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San Luis Obispo Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain Injury Lawyers in San Luis Obispo, CA

In the United States, millions of people get involved in an accident. Be it a car crash, a grave slip and fall, or a work-related accident, many Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries annually. If you or a loved one suffered from brain injuries due to someone’s negligence, call us at 805 Law Group and consult with reliable San Luis Obispo brain injury lawyers.

These serious injuries lead to debilitating effects to both the accident victims and their loved ones. There is often a need to cope with physical and cognitive disabilities, personality changes, or even loss of independence.

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Seeking Compensation for Brain Injury in California

There are various types of damages that may be recoverable after an accident that caused a brain injury. If such bodily injury was a result of someone else’s intentional or negligent acts, you could file a personal injury claim against the other party in order to get compensatory damages. These include both non-economic damages (intangible losses) and the more common economic damages (objectively verifiable losses).

When dealing with injury claims, our personal injury lawyers will help as you identify all parties that are potentially at fault, contact witnesses, gather evidence, and fight for the compensation you deserve. We will help you recover what you need to cover the medical expenses for your brain injury, as well as get compensated for emotional distress, pain and suffering, lost income, and other damages.

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Filing for Damages for Brain Injury

In a personal injury claim, both intangible losses and objectively verifiable losses are taken into account. Non-economic damages generally include:

  • Emotional distress;
  • Humiliation;
  • Injury to reputation;
  • Loss of consortium; and
  • Loss of companionship and society.

You may be entitled to receive compensation for non-economic damages if you have:

  • Suffered from severe pain due to bodily injuries;
  • Suffered from shock, grief, or mental anguish;
  • Suffered from brain injury that led to disabling permanent effects, such as paralysis and blindness; and
  • Suffered from brain injury that affected his or her ability to provide moral support or be intimate to a registered spouse or domestic partner.

If any of these circumstances are applicable to you, our San Luis Obispo personal injury attorneys are here to fight for you. Contact us at 805 Law Group and we will closely look into your accident claim.

Recovering Economic Damages

Economic damages are often associated with medical expenses, but it is not limited to this. Since medical treatment and care for brain injury victims are usually extensive and long-term, it’s important to speak with an experienced brain injury lawyer to get an accurate estimate of how much your case is worth. 

Your medical-related expenses may include doctor’s consultations, diagnostic imaging, psychiatric support, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Aside from medical bills, a compensatory damages award may also cover:

  • Compensation for lost wages;
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future;
  • Non-medical needs, such as driving or cooking; and
  • Home modifications.

Recovering Punitive Damages

Punitive or exemplary damages can also be recovered from defendants who were proven to have acted with fraud, oppression, or malice. Punitive damages, for instance, may be recovered against a drunk-driver, a motorist fleeing from the police, or an individual engaging in other reckless or criminal actions or behaviors.

Our competent San Luis Obispo personal injury attorneys can help you file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for your brain injury in California.

Gathering Evidence to Prove Damages

As in any area of law, the success of your case depends largely on the strength of the evidence presented. Even if the defendant ‘obviously’ caused the injuries in question, strong evidence is still necessary to prove liability. This evidence will also factor into the actual value of the damages, particularly because the amount of lost wages and medical bills related to a brain injury are often exorbitant.

In brain injury cases, the documents you’ll need as proof in your case generally include:

  • Medical documentation;
  • Diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays and CT scans;
  • Photos and videos of the injuries and, if possible, the accident that caused them;
  • Police report, if available;
  • Proof of lost benefits; and
  • Invoices and receipts for home care, home modifications, and other related expenses.

Our San Luis Obispo brain injury lawyer can help you gather these documents and prepare the necessary paperwork. Contact us at 805 Law Group to know what must be done for your case to progress.

Determining the Worth of Brain Injury Cases

Several factors will influence the total amount of compensation that a victim may recover from brain injury cases. These include:

  • The severity and permanence of the injury;
  • The amount of expenses for medical treatment, both past and future ones;
  • The amount of wages or income lost;
  • The cost of any home care necessary;
  • The effect of the brain injury on one’s future earning capacity;
  • The effect of the injury on one’s relationship with his or her spouse or registered domestic partner; and
  • The manner by which the defendant acted (with fraud, oppression, or malice, among others).

An experienced San Luis Obispo personal injury attorney can help prove negligence and liability, explain the process of getting the value of your damages, and make sure that all potentially recoverable damages are included in your brain injury claim.

Consult Our San Luis Obispo Personal Injury Attorneys!

Coping with the physiological and physical effects of a brain injury is not easy. You should never have to go through it alone. A dedicated local attorney can alleviate the burden on you and your family and help you restore financial stability by pursuing necessary compensation.

At 805 Law Group, we conduct a thorough review and investigation of the cases we handle. Our brain injury lawyers will coordinate with healthcare providers, talk to witnesses, and arrange expert witness testimony to build a strong case that will get the compensation you deserve.

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