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San Luis Obispo Child Support Modification Attorneys

Child Support Modifications Attorney in San Luis Obispo, CA

child support modification attorney in San luis obispo
Life changes. What was previously enough now doesn’t suffice. You may find that your previous child support order can no longer support you and your children with recent life developments. In California, our child support modification attorneys have ways to modify child support so you can continue raising your child comfortably.
If unavoidable circumstances require a change to a child support order or if you feel that the order is unfair, our experienced San Luis Obispo family law attorneys can help you with that! Call us today to schedule a consultation.

What is a Child Support Modification?

Child support covers the costs related to raising and taking care of children. The California Child Support Guideline provides a formula to calculate the child support amount. The government website offers a child support calculator, which you are free to use. It takes into account each parents’ time spent with the child, their income, and deductions. If circumstances change that affect these factors, you have the right to ask for a modification to the child support agreement. The modification may be permanent or temporary. You have to follow the proper legal processes to request a modification and get it approved by a judge. You have the right to represent yourself without an attorney. However, statistics show that your chances are significantly lower if you don’t get a skilled child support modification attorney to help you. A court-ordered modification is essential! A simple agreement with the other parent is informal and not legally binding. This can turn into a much bigger problem in the future than if you simply followed the procedure to request a modification. Get a court order and save yourself the trouble. Many factors affect the calculation of child support. If you have a family law concern, talk to our knowledgeable San Luis Obispo child support modification attorney if you need legal help. Call us today today to schedule a consultation.

Valid Reasons to Modify Your Child Support Order

You cannot just petition to modify child support on a whim. The judges decide whether the developments in your life warrant a change in the amount of child support. Here are some examples of reasons that a judge will take into serious consideration:
  • Changes in the child’s needs. This can include lifestyle changes from physical relocation, new health care needs, or new educational requirements.
  • Changes in parenting time. Things like physical relocation shift the time a parent spends with a child. This can also shift the amount.
  • Changes in either parent’s income. A significant decrease or increase in one parent’s income can affect their ability to pay child support, and sometimes even alimony.
  • Employment changes for one parent. If either parent loses their job or gains an additional one, this can warrant a change in child support.
  • One parent goes to jail. If either parent gets institutionalized for more than 90 days, then child support payments are automatically suspended for a brief period.
  • Changes in family size. A new child can affect finances, which can affect the ability of one parent to commit to the current child support order.
  • Military deployment. If one parent gets deployed to serve, there may be a change in the child support amount.
These are just some of the possible grounds to request a modification in child support. If you feel like your situation warrants a change, get in touch with us. A competent San Luis Obispo child support modification attorney can take a look at your case to give you the best possible options. Call our San Luis Obispo family law attorneys if you have legal concerns such as child custodychild support, or division of marital property.

How to File Child Support Modifications

  • Fill out the paperwork. You’ll need Form FL-300 (Request for Order) and either Form FL-150 or Form FL-155.
  • Review the files. Talk to a professional child support attorney to check that your forms are properly filled and that you have sufficient documentation of the circumstantial change in your life.
  • Submit the forms to the court clerk. Get two copies of all your forms, three if LCSA is involved. The court will then give you the court date.
  • Serve the papers to the parties involved. Have another person over the age of 18 hand the paperwork to the other parent (and LCSA). You can also opt to serve it by mail. You have to serve the papers at least 16 days before the hearing. Add five more days if you’re mailing.
  • Mediation. You and the other parent can work out an arrangement for the child support. If both parties agree, you can submit them to court for approval without needing a hearing.
  • Attend the court hearing. If the other party does not agree to the change in terms, then you’ll have to go to the hearing. The judge will be the one to decide whether the request for modification is warranted. In general, the court grants the change if the change is less than 20% of the guideline formula amount or 50$ (whichever amount is less).
The legal process of getting a child support modification can be complicated, especially if you’re also going through a divorce or other legal processes. A competent child support modification lawyer can help you navigate these complex proceedings to ensure you get what you need. Get in touch with our San Luis Obispo family law attorneys and child support modification attorneys for help with your child support obligations. Chat with us or fill out the contact form here to schedule a consultation today.

Hire Our San Luis Obispo Child Support Modification Attorney

Child support is not a punishment for bearing kids. It’s a responsibility that allows your child to live a comfortable life. However, the child support order is not set in stone. A significant shift in your life can entail a change in child support payments. California law does allow for these modifications for those truly in need of such changes. Our attorneys at 805 Law Group are committed to solving your child support modification concerns. We provide compassionate legal counsel without fear of employing aggressive tactics to protect your rights and your children’s rights. If you’re the custodial parent, we can help ensure that child support allows you to raise your child lovingly with ease. We also provide legal guidance with child support enforcement. If you’re the noncustodial parent paying child support, we can help you petition a change in child support to a fair amount. Setbacks in life can affect your child support payment, and we can help convince the judge to lower the amount you have to pay. Contact our San Luis Obispo County attorneys today to schedule a consultation with experienced child support modification attorneys!