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Product Liability

Product Liability Attorneys in San Obispo, California

Have you or a loved one experienced serious injuries because of a defective product? Product liability attorneys from 805 Law Group are here to help you file a product liability claim.

A personal injury product attorney represents people who have suffered injuries due to a faulty product on the market.

A product liability case is a civil lawsuit brought against a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of a defective product. The plaintiff claims the defect caused the injury and seeks to recover monetary damages from the defendant. A product liability lawsuit must be filed within two years from when the defendant first sold the product. To prevail in a product liability suit, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant was negligent or failed to warn about a dangerous product and that its negligence caused the injury.

A product may be defective if it was manufactured, assembled, tested, or packaged. Some products are not safe to use until they are repaired or replaced. The defective product causes injury to its owner. Product liability suits occur against manufacturers, importers, and distributors of products. The law protects people who use products that are dangerous or unsafe.

In addition, manufacturers must warn users of the dangers of using their products. A manufacturer must ensure that a product is safe for its intended use before selling it to the public. They also have to warn consumers of any potential hazards or defects in their products. 

On the other hand, consumers also have a right to know about the safety of a product they use. If a defect causes harm to someone using a product, the person harmed can bring a product liability suit against the maker or distributor of the product.

Why You Need a San Luis Obispo Product Liability Attorney

A product liability lawsuit may be more difficult to pursue than you anticipate. While it may seem self-evident that a manufacturer should be held liable for any damages caused by their faulty goods, the majority of big manufacturers have formidable in-house legal departments devoted to defending business interests. Confronting these legal experts on your own may be very difficult.

Hiring an expert attorney increases your chances of obtaining the money you deserve considerably. Your lawyer can assist you in navigating the product liability laws that are likely to apply in your case, as well as the state legislation that may provide challenges or opportunities as your case progresses. 

For instance, you may be eligible to join a class-action lawsuit if a large number of other customers have experienced comparable losses as a result of the same product. Nonetheless, this strategy may not be appropriate for every product liability lawsuit.

Finally, having an experienced product liability attorney in California on your side may help you negotiate your claim with more confidence and a better possibility of obtaining compensation.

Additionally, you may relax and concentrate on your rehabilitation with confidence, knowing that your case is in the hands of competent and trustworthy product liability lawyers in San Luis Obispo.

Manufacturing Error vs. Design Error

Under state law, businesses that put products or services in customers’ hands and create an atmosphere conducive to harm may be sued for manufacturing and design flaws. Typical product liability lawsuits include situations in which a product’s design was intended to be safe yet ended up causing damage or death. While marketing flaws are less prevalent, they do apply to product liability claims.

The chain of events leading up to the production of a product may include any number of people, from the assembler to the manufacturer to the shop owner. Generally, product liability cases are brought on strict liability or negligence theories.

The most common design faults that result in harm are tables, heavy furniture, automobile defects, household appliances, chemicals and cleaning products, dressers, and other objects that prove a choking danger to children. There are many kinds of product liability claims, including gross negligence, and each one requires an experienced product liability attorney with years of expertise handling these types of cases.

6 Common Types of Product Liability Cases

Defective Automobiles 

From carbon monoxide poisoning to brake failure, abrupt, unexpected acceleration, tire blowouts, and seatbelt failure, manufacturers should be held responsible for each auto accident caused by their products.

Children’s Items 

When purchasing toys and products for your children, you believe that they would not cause damage. However, some mishaps could happen because of a product defect and bring harm to your child.

Household Appliances

Daily tasks in your home should not be dangerous. Household appliances can be hefty, pose a fire hazard, or other potentially fatal hazards. Manufacturers must ensure that their products pass the highest possible safety standard. Otherwise, it should not be released to the public for sale or distribution. Dressers and other furniture items have recently been responsible for the deaths of children due to dressers collapsing on children and crushing them. 

Chemicals & Cleaning Products

Working with any kind of home or outdoor cleansers may be very dangerous. For example, manufacturers and distributors of cleaning goods were not required to disclose the contents in their kitchen sprays, disinfectants, soaps, and detergents. Many of these are potentially hazardous chemicals a lot of people are unaware of having the potential to cause allergic responses, sickness, extreme irritation, cancer, and birth abnormalities, among other adverse consequences. Risks of lymphoma have been related to Roundup Weed Killer. Numerous personal injury cases have been filed against the product throughout the country.

Contaminated Food

We consume food and beverages without considering whether they may make us violently sick or even kill us. While some of us are worriers, the fundamental truth is that we should not have to worry about getting ill or dying when buying food or beverages from manufacturers and other businesses that produce and sell them to the public. The food and beverage industries undergo extensive testing. They must adhere to stringent standards, laws, and regulations, and when a food contamination problem arises, it is almost always the result of carelessness or wrongdoing.

Jewelry, Clothing, and Fashion Accessories 

Every day, people dress for work, school, errands, events, and leisure activities. Minor details may be ignored in favor of anticipated norms, where the most serious errors arise.

Consult a Reliable Product Liability Attorney in California

If a faulty consumer product has harmed you, seek legal advice immediately to maximize your chances of a successful claim and make companies accountable.

If you want to sue a product maker, you should plan appropriately by obtaining competent legal counsel.

At 805 Law Group, our product liability attorneys are not hesitant to take on big corporations that manufacture faulty consumer goods. We can assist you in navigating the arduous legal procedures that you are almost certain to follow. Consult our personal injury law firm for a free consultation today!