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Spousal Support Attorneys in San Luis Obispo, CA

In California, alimony is called spousal support. Spousal support attorneys or alimony attorneys work to get their clients a fair spousal support order. Spousal support is complicated. There are more than a dozen factors that a family law judge must consider before ordering spousal support or alimony. Spousal support orders are not automatic and they typically are not permanent. This is why you need the experienced alimony attorneys of 805 Law Group if you are in a dispute over spousal support. 

Our spousal support attorneys are tough, no-nonsense family law litigators who will fight to get you a fair spousal support order or alimony award. Give us a call or chat with a San Luis Obispo alimony attorney today. The initial consultation is free.

What is Spousal Support & Alimony in California?

As part of a divorce proceeding, your spousal support attorney may ask the court to determine the necessity of you paying or receiving spousal support. In the dissolution of a marriage, if one party earns significantly more than the other, they may have to make alimony payments to support their spouse’s standard of living. A judge may not rule that support is necessary when both parties earn similar amounts. The point of spousal support before a final judgement has been entered in your family law case is to maintain the status quo for the spouse who earns significantly less than the other.

During a divorce trial, the court determines the supported and supporting spouse. The only bearing on this determination is the financial resources of both parties. The higher-earning spouse is the supporting party, where the lower-earning spouse is the supported party. If you believe you may require spousal support after a divorce, many highly recommend our spousal support attorneys.

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How Much Spousal Support Will I Get?

There are several determining factors that the family law courts consider when making arrangements for spousal support. Along with state guidelines, a judge will consider the length of the marriage, the ability of the supported spouse to work or earn income, and the standard of living of both spouses.

Other factors when calculating spousal support amounts include the health of both spouses and their age. A family law judge may consider significant roles the supported spouse had in the supporting spouse’s career as a factor as well. The amount of paid alimony may also increase depending on any retroactive payments the court orders.

Alimony or spousal support is completely separate from child support. Spousal support involves a separate calculation and, unlike child support, the judge does not have to follow the state’s recommended guideline. This is why you should not do it alone when it comes to spousal support. Give us a call or chat with one of our alimony attorneys today.

How Long Does a Spouse Have To Make Support Payments?

Spousal support attorneys will tell you that the amount of time a supporting spouse is required to pay alimony can vary for various reasons. How long the marriage lasted plays a significant role in the length of time the supporting party has to make alimony payments. For marriages lasting ten years or longer, support payments may be permanent. Otherwise, the supporting party may only be responsible for temporary spousal support.

Spousal Support Attorneys in San Luis Obispo, CA

The supported spouse will typically be required to become self-supporting in a reasonable amount of time. The family law judge determines what is reasonable but experienced alimony attorneys can present your case in a manner that helps to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

If the supported spouse does not make a serious effort to become self-supporting in a reasonable amount of time, the supporting spouse may ask their spousal support attorney to request a Gavron Warning from the family court. A Gavron Warning is an order that the family law court issues to the supported spouse. The Gavron Warning tells the spouse receiving alimony that they must make efforts to support themselves. The family law court may grant termination of alimony payments if the supported spouse does not make sufficient attempts to become financially self-supporting.

In what manner will the court decide how much spousal support I will receive?

In the video, reliable San Luis Obispo spousal support attorney William Ausman described how the court determines temporary and permanent spousal support orders. He discussed Family Code 4320 and the questions that follow it, which decide how much spousal assistance a spouse may be eligible for.

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