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Broken Leg Lawyer in San Luis Obispo, CA

A broken leg can require extensive and costly medical treatment, prevent you from earning a living, and result in a long period of pain and suffering. As such, if you or a family member sustained minor or serious injuries on the leg due to the negligence of another, seek the help of a broken leg attorney attorney right away. 

Our San Luis Obispo personal injury attorneys can help you deal with the debilitating effects of these injuries on both you and your loved ones. We are dedicated to the pursuit of compensation for you and your family, and we do all that we can to help you recover from your injuries in the most efficient way possible.

A fractured leg is a serious injury that is often very painful. It can also impact your mobility and quality of living. Seeking legal help is necessary to make sure that those who are liable are really held accountable. Additionally, we can help you manage the compensation and benefits that you recover so you can maximize the amount that goes into your pocket.

If you sustained an injury due to an accident, call 805-952-7179 to schedule a consultation with our experienced broken leg attorneys at 805 Law Group and get help seeking compensation for your injuries.

Why You Need A San Luis Obispo Broken Leg Attorney

With more than 260 bones, the skeletal system is susceptible to many different types of injuries, such as fractured or broken bones. You can find two of the largest bones of the body in the lower extremities of the body. In particular, the human leg is composed of four different bones:

  • patella kneecap
  • femur thigh bone
  • fibula left shin bone 
  • tibia right shin bone

Given their length, a leg fracture may occur in the upper or lower half of the legs. There may also be multiple breaks along the bone.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a broken leg injury caused by another individual’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, lost wages, and more. 

An experienced California broken leg lawyer can help determine if you have a case proceeding with your personal injury claim. Call us at 805-952-7179 to schedule a free initial consultation with our personal injury attorneys. We will assist you as you identify all parties that are potentially at fault, contact witnesses, gather evidence, and fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Common Causes of a Broken Leg

While anyone can, in theory, suffer from a fractured leg, the elderly and young children are more susceptible to this type of injury. Since their bones are not as dense as middle-aged adults, the elderly and young children may break their legs due to trauma. Aside from fractures, these can lead to complications such as infections or nerve, tendon, ligament, or muscle damage. Common causes of such impact include:

If the bodily injury you sustained resulted from someone else’s intentional or negligent acts, you could be entitled to compensatory damages from the other party involved. However, it is vital to take legal action promptly since you only have a limited time period in which you can file personal injury claims. 

The two common types of damages that may be recoverable after an accident are economic and non-economic damages. Whether you are dealing with either, our San Luis Obispo broken leg lawyers can discuss legal options that you can take.  

Give us a call at 805-952-7179 to schedule a consultation. We will help you with your broken leg claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Fractures in Personal Injury Cases

Successfully seeking the maximum amount of compensation will depend on the specific personal injury case in question. Broken bone injuries can significantly impact the life of accident victims. Most of the time, those involved in an accident will deal with neck, back, hip, rib, arm, or leg fractures. These may involve one or even more of these different types of fractures:

  • Comminuted fracture, where the bone shatters or breaks in multiple places
  • Buckle fracture, where the bone breaks and the fractured ends are driven into each other
  • Complete fracture, where the fracture goes entirely through the bone
  • Closed fracture, where the fracture is complete but does not break the skin
  • An open fracture, where the fractured end of the bone breaks through the skin
  • Stress fracture, or cracks due to repeated use or pressure
  • Bowing fracture, where the bone is bent but not broken
  • Greenstick fracture, where the bone cracks but is not fractured all the way through

All these can be debilitating, primarily because of the limited mobility that a broken leg can bring. It is important to seek legal help from someone who will really work hard to help you receive compensation. 

Seek legal advice from a hands-on San Luis Obispo broken leg attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Gathering the evidence needed to present a claim for damages can take time, so it is best to start early.  Call us at 805-952-7179 to schedule a consultation.

Recovering Damages for a Broken Leg Injury

A personal injury claim in California can seek full compensation for all past and future medical expenses associated with a broken leg. This may include emergency treatment, orthopedic surgery, the insertion of plates, pins, screws, or rods, a series of X-rays, MRIs or CT scans, pain medication, and costs of casts, splints, braces, or assistive devices necessary for rehabilitation.
Aside from physical pain, emotional anguish, and the inability to enjoy a normal life, a claim may include income lost due to the fracture, including salary, benefits, bonuses, and self-employment income. As such, if you have suffered a fracture in an accident through no fault of your own, it is crucial to proceed with the legal process of recovering compensation for present and future medical expenses. 
Call us at  805-952-7179  to schedule a free initial consultation. We will assist you as you identify all parties that are potentially at fault, contact witnesses, gather evidence, and fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Hire a San Luis Obispo Broken Leg Attorney Today!

A broken leg is not a minor injury. A fracture does not only cause severe and lasting pain. It can also be costly to treat, and it can make you unable to work for a lengthy period of time. If you or any of your family members have suffered a broken leg due to the negligence of others, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your losses. Consult with an experienced San Luis Obispo broken leg attorney as soon as possible. 
If you or a loved one sustained broken leg due to the actions of others, contact us at 805 Law Group and speak with a broken leg attorney who will help you with your injury case. 
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