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Extortion Attorney in San Luis Obispo, CA

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term blackmail? Maybe you know someone or have heard of someone who was threatened for blackmail. While this is an act that occurs mostly in times of anger or heated emotions, blackmail is an offense that falls under extortion. 

In brief, extortion pertains to the act of using violent force or coercion to obtain money or property. Extortion not only uses violence but damage to reputation or unfavorable actions as a means to obtain the desired asset. Even if you are the offender, know that having an extortion attorney is well within your rights. 

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You shouldn’t deal with the problem alone if you are involved in an extortion case in San Luis Obispo, California. Getting in touch with an extortion attorney is the first move you should make. 805 Law Group’s San Luis Obispo extortion lawyers are equipped in the area of criminal defense. 

Dealing with serious cases can take a toll on your life, which is why an extortion attorney with expertise in the local court processes should be on your side to fight for you.  For over twenty years, 805 Law Group’s criminal lawyers have represented individuals accused of offenses ranging from DUIs to traffic violations to other white-collar crimes. 

If you are facing extortion charges, don’t face them alone. A San Luis Obispo extortion attorney is ready to stand up for you in court. Get in touch with 805 Law Group right now. 

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Why do I need an Extortion Attorney in California?

Extortion attorneyYou have committed extortion and are now facing charges. You might feel that the world is against you and you have no other choice but to just give up. If this sounds a lot like your situation, know that there is an extortion attorney in California that is ready to fight for your rights. 

If you are wondering, “I already did the crime, what is the point of having a lawyer?” Firstly, the job of a competent extortion attorney is to look at the specific details of your case and know what defenses from their arsenal they can use. A criminal defense attorney’s job is to be your advocate and guide through the complex legal system. 

At 805 Law Group, you can be sure that the extortion lawyer will perform to the best of their ability. Our legal team will gather information and evidence to thoroughly study your case and present these to the prosecution, negotiating for deals that are in your favor. 

The San Luis Obispo extortion attorney is also skilled in deal-making, which is crucial in unclogging the justice system. Other duties include interviewing witnesses and providing counsel and guidance to their clients. 

If you’ve made up your mind to seek legal assistance, then look no further. A California extortion lawyer from 805 Law Group is ready to defend and represent you. The criminal defense attorneys have been representing their clients since 1998 and have gained prominence for obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients. Get in touch with a San Luis Obispo, CA extortion attorney right now!

What is Extortion?

The most basic definition of extortion is obtaining property-usually money-through displays of violence, damage to property or reputation, and unfavorable actions. Extortion counts as a form of theft or larceny, with the main difference being that extortion does not place the victim at immediate harm, rather there is a psychological aspect to it with the pressure and manipulation involved. 

Most states count extortion as a felony with blackmailing as the most notable form of which. Blackmailing occurs when the victim’s sensitive or private information is threatened to be exposed by the offender in exchange for assets.  Offering protection to business people to keep their businesses safe is another common extortion crime. 

In this day and age of technology, we might feel as though we are a lot safer and that the human race has advanced as a whole, but along with these advancements came the leveling up of crimes. Extortion is usually done through phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and others. Extortion is considered a federal crime if interstate commerce is involved.  

Extortion Elements

In California, to execute an extortion conviction the prosecution must show beyond doubt the following elements: 

The defendant threatened to act in one of the following ways to the alleged “victim”:

  • Ilegally injure or use force against them, another person, or their property
  • Accusation of their family member or individual commitment of the crim
  • Uncovering  a “secret”  involving them or their family which may lead to some sort of, disgrace , scandal or crime

When using force or making the threat, the defendant intended to force the alleged victim to consent to giving them money, property, or to perform an official act

As a result of the threat or use of force, the alleged victim consented to the defendant’s demands for money, property, or performing the official act.

As a result of the threat or use of force, the alleged victim complied with the defendant’s demands and actually gave the money, property, or performed the official act.

When it comes to extortion, the suspected victim may give consent hesitantly. It may be given by the use of threat or fear. The threat must be the deciding factor for the alleged victim offering their consent. Threatening to act in a way that is within a person’s legal rights is not a threat to commit injury. 

Extortion According to the California Penal Code

According to the California Penal Code 518 PC, extortion is defined as the use of force or threats in order to compel another person to provide money or property. It is also known as blackmail. Extortion is considered a federal crime that leads to lengthy prison sentencing. For the defendant to be convicted of extortion, the following must first be proven:

  • Unlawful injury to the victim or the victim’s property
  • Accuse another person of a crime
  • Threatened to divulge personal secrets or information about the victim. 

The prosecutor must also prove that the defendant intended to use fear or force to obtain the victim’s consent, money, or property and that the victim relented to the demands out of fear. It must  also be proven that the victim complied with the demands of the defendant. 

What are the Penalties for Extortion?

An individual found guilty of extorting money or property in a manner that isn’t robbery or carjacking through force or threat faces punishment by imprisonment in a state prison for three to four years. If the victim did not comply with the threat, the defendant would be charged with attempted extortion. Attempted extortion is considered a wobbler offense. Wobbler offenses can either be felonies or misdemeanors. 

What is Cyberextortion?

Technology has plenty of great benefits and the quick sharing of information is one of them, but it tends to get misused. Cyberextortion is performed when cybercriminals use ransomware that encrypts an individual’s important files and documents, rendering these unreadable until a ransom is paid.

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Extortion is the act of coercing or threatening to divulge an individual’s information or secrets for money or property. This is a serious crime that can result in an individual ending up in state prison for up to four years. If you or a loved one has been involved in or charged with extortion, know that there is a California criminal defense lawyer you can reach out to. 

The law firm’s experienced extortion lawyer will review your case and the evidence, interview witnesses, and represent you in court.  With over 20 years of legal service, 805 Law Group’s lawyers will skillfully defend you in court and negotiate with prosecutors for you to obtain the outcome that is most suitable for you. Schedule an appointment with 805 Law Group’s extortion lawyers and criminal defense attorneys right now!