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Bribery Attorney in San Luis Obispo, California

Have you ever witnessed an individual getting pulled over for a traffic violation, then noticed them handing money secretly over to the traffic enforcer? This act is known as bribery. In its simplest term, bribery is the exchange of money to influence an individual’s behavior in exchange for not being penalized. 

Using money to stay above the law is considered illegal, and bribery charges in San Luis Obispo, California bring about serious criminal charges that can impact your life. If found guilty, it can tarnish your entire reputation. 

If you find yourself facing bribery charges, you are well within your rights to enlist the legal assistance of a San Luis Obispo bribery attorney. A bribery attorney comprehends the severity of your case and, through experience can fight for you in court and inform you of your legal rights throughout the whole ordeal.

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Why do I need a Bribery Attorney for Bribery?

Bribery attorney

Bribery charges are serious charges that bring forth serious charges that can tarnish your record. Considered a white-collar crime, bribery is the act of persuading law enforcement with cash in order to steer clear of penalties. There is plenty at stake when found guilty of bribery- your name, reputation, and freedoms. 

This heavy and complicated case calls for legal assistance. A San Luis Obispo, California bribery attorney is capable of reviewing your case and helping you understand the legal procedures involved along with enabling you to acknowledge your legal rights. A CA bribery attorney is also capable of aggressively defending you in the courtroom in order to obtain a favorable outcome. 

A San Luis Obispo bribery attorney is capable of defending your rights in court. A defense attorney is capable of proving a lack of intent, proving incapacity or the inability to comprehend the act, and proving that there was entrapment involved. 

A bribery attorney from San Luis Obispo is seasoned and experienced. With over 20 years in the legal field, a San Luis Obispo bribery attorney can defend you all the way in order for you to obtain the best possible outcome. Get in touch with an attorney now. 

What is Bribery?

Bribery is defined as the act of influencing or changing the action of certain individuals, usually law enforcement, in order to evade punishment. This action is synonymous with corruption. While there isn’t any agreement needed to prove this crime, it is usually up to the prosecutors to show that there was an intent to sway the behavior. 

In this case, both the briber and the one accepting the bribe can be charged. Attempts and failures to report bribes are also chargeable crimes. 

Under the Model Penal Code, the attempts to bribe exist at common law and the punishment for this is almost always identical to the act of bribing itself. The solicitation also qualifies as a crime.

Economists consider the negative effects of bribery since it encourages rent-seeking behavior or an individual’s attempt to influence the open market to provide said individual with a disproportionate amount of wealth. This results in a depressed economic growth. 

What Comprise a Bribery Charge?

When it comes to bribery charges, one only needs to prove that an official was solicited money in exchange of money. In bribery, both the person asking for the bribe and the one offering the bribe could face criminal charges. Like in all legal cases, evidence is key. Evidence in the form of recorded calls and bodycam videos are incriminating and could result in fines or prison time.

There are certain elements that the law uses in order to prosecute an individual or organization for bribery. These include: 

  • The one being bribed is a public official
  • The value offered could be tangible such as money or intangible such as influence or official support
  • There is an act that could be influenced by bribery
  • The official in question has the power to commit the act
  • Intent must be established on the end of the bribing party
  • A connection between the two parties must be established instead of a mere coincidence.

What are Other Examples of Bribery?

Bribery has been around for a long time but it happens at the state level and the federal government and even in the private sector. It happens in sports where one athlete may offer another to lose. Even companies engage in bribery by bribing rival companies for recruitment services, which could spell as a breach of contract. There is a certain law on bribery, namely: 

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977-This act makes it unlawful for a U.S Citizen and foreign issuers to pay foreign officials to obtain business. This act made business dealings complicated, especially since most are influenced by gifts and monetary value.

Are you currently facing bribery charges or charges related to any white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, racketeering, and fraud? If so, know that there is always an attorney ready to defend you in court. Contact a seasoned San Luis Obispo bribery attorney now. 

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In spite of the fact that it happens almost regularly, bribery is a serious crime that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This act of influencing the behavior of others through money or gifts always comes with hefty fines and imprisonment in some cases.

If you’re facing bribery charges, a highly-skilled bribery attorney is what you need. The bribery attorneys at 805 Law Group are experienced hometown attorneys with over two decades of legal expertise under their belt. The attorneys from the law firm are equipped with the knowledge and skill to handle other white-collar crimes including embezzlement, fraud, and forgery. Schedule an appointment to get in touch with a San Luis Obispo bribery attorney now. 

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