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San Luis Obispo Visitation and Parenting Time

Child Visitation and Parenting Time Attorney in San Luis Obispo, California

visitation and parenting time

A visitation order or time-share refers to the plan of how the children spend time with their parents if they do not get joint physical custody. This means that even if one parent spends more than half the time with the children (in other words, has primary physical custody), the non-custodial parent still has the right to spend time with their children. These things can get complicated to understand in one go, especially while you are going through such stressful changes in life. 

Lucky for you, our experienced San Luis Obispo child visitation and parenting time attorney can help you contest or assert these rights! Get in touch with us at 805 Law Group today to schedule your consultation. 

What Happens after I Schedule a Consultation?

The first thing you should do is schedule a consultation with our skilled visitation and parenting time lawyer. During the meeting, we can talk about the circumstances so we can get a better picture of how the case will proceed so we can secure your custody rights or visitation rights. 

Once we’ve got a clear idea of your unique circumstances, we can devise a plan of action that can fit your needs. Our attorneys will offer your sound legal counsel from custody mediation all the way up until the custody disputes. Adequate knowledge of how visitation and custody work is important when you make decisions regarding your case. For legal help, call us now!

What Role does the Court Play in Visitation Orders?

The California Family Code says that parents should have frequent contact with both parents, even after divorce. People are also encouraged by the law to arrive at an agreeable plan for visitation and custody between themselves. 

Courts do make an effort to achieve these objectives. California judges, for example, will normally need mediation before hearing a motion to reduce visitation. 

If you live in San Luis Obispo, you can hire our visitation and parenting time lawyers as your legal counsel for mediation purposes. We’ll help you reach an arrangement that has you and your children’s best interests in mind. 

How do Child Visitation Schedules Work?

As mentioned previously, both parties are encouraged to come to a visitation schedule arrangement that is amenable for all involved. This is the ideal scenario for everyone involved. This can allow the children to spend a substantial amount of time with each parent; provide them with a comfortable and predictable routine, and prevent any hostility and potential litigation from misunderstandings and ambiguity.

If you and the other party go through mediation, you can have better control of the outcome, save your children’s emotional well-being, increase the likelihood of success, and teach you skills to become a better parent for your kids.  Mediation is also the most cost-effective way to come to an appropriate visitation agreement, letting you spend that money on your kids instead.

Our experienced child visitation attorneys can also advise you on issues such as: 

  • Choosing the parent with whom the child will spend his or her birthdays and holidays. In most cases, parents alternate years.
  • Making plans for a summer visitation schedule.
  • Organizing kid visiting days and times during the school year.

If you need an experienced child visitation lawyer to talk about your custody agreement, give us a call. Our family law attorneys have a thorough knowledge of child custody laws and will work tirelessly to find the solution that is in the best interest of the child, of our client, concerning the circumstance at hand.

Litigation and Modification of Visitation Rights

If both parties cannot reach an agreement, then litigation may be necessary. Our seasoned child visitation and parenting time attorneys will help you prepare for the hearings and fight for your rights in the courtroom. 

A move-away order can be requested by any party at any point during the divorce procedures, even if the court has issued a final judgment. Without a court order, parties to a divorce are normally prohibited from relocating a minor out of the area. A custodial parent, for example, may wish to relocate the children from San Luis Obispo. Child visitation attorneys at 805 Law Group can assist you in making specific arrangements to maintain regular and ongoing contact.

Modifying the visitation agreement due to relocation is common. If you are the non-custodial parent and your child will be living farther from you or you are the custodial parent who will move away, it may be necessary to modify the visitation agreement to accommodate this. Modifications may include extended visitation periods during school breaks, a regular schedule for calls to maintain contact, and establishing who should carry the burden of transportation. 

As mentioned prior, it is usually in your best interest to solve any disagreements during mediation. Custody battles are usually expensive. It can also take an emotional toll on your children as your dirty laundry is exposed to the public. Not to mention that it usually takes months, maybe even a year, to resolve a custody dispute.

Nonetheless, if you find that you cannot agree with the other party, get in touch with our experienced San Luis Obispo parenting time lawyers immediately. Swift action is needed to ensure that you get what is best for you and your children.

Talk to our Trusted San Luis Obispo Visitation and Parenting Time Attorney Today

Visitation rights will always be a crucial component in all negotiations and conversations, regardless of which parent has primary physical custody. This is one of the most difficult and stressful processes in family law. Clients in San Luis Obispo should consult with a family law attorney to ensure that their objectives are realized and that they obtain the desired conclusion.

Our 805 Law Group attorneys offer aggressive and personalized representation to get you what you deserve. Let us handle the nitty-gritty of gaining custody, making decisions in mediation, and the custody battle that may follow. 

If you have any concerns with visitation, joint legal custody, or your legal rights in a divorce, call our experienced San Luis Obispo attorneys now!