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Money Laundering

Money Laundering Attorneys in San Luis Obispo, CA

If you’ve watched enough news and TV shows, you’d definitely be familiar with money laundering. Money laundering pertains to a method of hiding the source of illegally acquired money. This kind of crime is associated with white-collar crimes, organized crime, and others that involve great sums of cash. 

The concept of money laundering is elaborate and involves certain steps. Before you can become familiar with defending acts of money laundering, you must first be familiar with concepts such as the concealment of proceeds and proceeds from illegal activity. Knowledge of the penalties one faces upon being found guilty of money laundering is also essential.

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Why Do I Need a Money Laundering Attorney in California?

Apart from understanding money laundering concepts, it is also important to get acquainted with the law’s history of fighting this white-collar crime along with other crimes of similar nature. One can also learn the possible defense strategies lawyers can take when fighting for you in court. 

Money laundering is a serious crime that significantly impacts your reputation, your profession, and your life overall. Should you be charged with money laundering or any white-collar crime, know that you aren’t alone. Consult with a defense attorney from 805 Law Group. A San Luis Obispo money laundering attorney can help navigate the justice system and defend and represent you in court.

What Is Money Laundering?

Money laundering attorney

Money laundering pertains to the concealment of money that was obtained illegally. Money laundering charges are secondary to a primary crime called a predicate offense. A predicate offense is how the individual or the organization obtained the money.

There are steps involved in money laundering. The concealment is done so that it won’t be too obvious that it is connected to a crime. The steps are placement, layering, and integration. 

Placement pertains to the money entering the financial system, whether in the country or an offshore bank account. The financial transaction that blurs the process or the audit trail is known as layering. Lastly, integration is when the money returns to the criminal with the trail appearing legitimate, using either a front of a business or real estate. 

The definition of money laundering is broad and continues to grow over time. Now, this act can include using proceeds from crimes to conceal money ownership, continue with other criminal offenses, and evade taxes and monetary reportings. Money laundering is also defined as traveling through the country or transporting the funds to distribute proceeds of criminal activities along with promoting them. 

The concept of money laundering spans far and wide. This serious crime can leave an indelible mark on your name and criminal record. Have you been involved in money laundering? Get in touch with a money laundering attorney right now for legal representation. A defense lawyer from a reputable law firm will help you understand the criminal justice system, defend you in court, and ensure you get the best possible outcome. 

What are White Collar Crimes?

Crimes committed by businesses or financially motivated professionals are called white-collar crimes. These involve abuse of power without the use of violent force. White-collar crimes are high stakes crimes despite not being violent crimes, and under this crime are acts such as fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering, all of which carry heavy penalties if the offender is found guilty. 

Given the grave nature of this crime, white-collar crimes have a serious impact on an individual or a business’ reputation, company, or government.  Examples of these include: 

  • Money Laundering-concealment of illegally-obtained funds.
  • Fraud-dishonest acts for financial gain
  • Embezzlement-misuse of funds 
  • Bribery-monetary exchange to influence other individuals’ behaviors, particularly law enforcement.
  • Forgery-modifying writing for fraudulent purposes
  • Extortion-coercing or threatening people for gain.
  • Perjury-lying under oath. 

These are examples of white-collar crimes and money laundering falls under it. If you find yourself facing money laundering allegations or charges, know that you have the right to an attorney. Get in touch with a San Luis Obispo money laundering attorney. A trusted attorney can defend you in the courtroom and ensure the best possible verdict for your case. 

What is the Punishment for Money Laundering or White Collar Crimes?

As with all kinds of violations, the penalties vary from state to state. Since white-collar crimes don’t involve violence, the penalties are still severe due to the financial damage they cause. The court considers the factors in every case when determining a reasonable sentence length, fines, or restitution period. The possible penalties imposed for white-collar crimes upon sentencing are:

  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Fines
  • House Arrest.

In California, white-collar crimes aren’t taken lightly. The penalties depend on the amount involved and upon reaching a certain limit, an individual involved in money laundering can face felony charges. Having a criminal conviction makes it difficult to live life normally, affecting all areas from employment to the residence.

What are the Federal and State Penalties for Money Laundering?

The penalties for money laundering also vary depending on federal and state laws. Federal laws prohibit money laundering under two statutes with both providing harsh penalties upon being charged with a crime. One can face up to two decades in federal prison along with half a million dollars worth of fines. 

As for state penalties, the law varies depending on the state. California law penalizes money laundering as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If the money involved is greater than a given amount, the individual will be punished with  felonies. The sentence also grows depending on the amount of money involved. 

Have you been involved in a money laundering case? Are you facing federal crimes? Reach out to a San Luis Obispo money laundering attorney for legal assistance. Defense lawyers can help you navigate the legal system, hear your side out and offer the best defense you need in order to help decide on your fate. 

Seek Legal Advice for Money Laundering

If you find yourself involved and facing money laundering charges or any white-collar crime charges, know that having a lawyer to defend you and represent you is well within your rights. 

Get in touch with a money laundering attorney with knowledge of the criminal defense. Contact 805 Law Group and consult with a legal expert. A money laundering attorney will hear your side out and represent you in court, defending your rights and ensuring that you get the best possible outcome. 

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