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San Luis Obispo Violent Crimes Attorney

Violent crimes are undoubtedly common occurrences no matter where in the world. This is also scarily becoming the norm. Violent crimes often include assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic violence. Although you are the defendant, you still deserve to share your side of the story and have aggressive representation from a violent crimes attorney in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Violent crimes often warrant severe consequences. In this case, you need an ally well-versed in the practice area’s ins and outs. There is no better person for the job than a violent crimes attorney in San Luis Obispo who is intimately familiar with the law and can craft brilliant defenses to help lower your sentencing. 805 Law Group is committed to providing compassionate legal counsel to help you navigate the complicated criminal defense system and get a lesser sentence for your criminal charges. 


Aggressive Representation from a San Luis Obispo Violent Crimes Attorney

While violent crimes are indeed no laughing matter in society, the notion that you are already being judged as guilty simply by being the defendant, even without the legal process involved, is still not fair game. You still have your rights, and you still have your side of the story to tell. It can be daunting to do this in court on your own. If you are facing charges for violent crimes such as assault, know what a great asset a violent crimes attorney from 805 Law Group is to have by your side. 

Reach out immediately to a violent crimes attorney from San Luis Obispo, CA, law firm 805 Law Group. Our law office continuously provides the Atascadero and San Luis Obispo county areas with legal services catered to their particular needs. The firm’s attorney is committed to ensuring that you are treated fairly and gets the best judgment for your case. Schedule an appointment with a San Luis Obispo violent crimes attorney from 805 Law Group instantly! 


Why Do I Need a Violent Crimes Attorney in San Luis Obispo, CA?

You may need to defend yourself if you have been charged with violent crimes such as domestic violence. There are two sides to a story, and you, like any other defendant, have the right to let your side be heard. Do not go through the complicated process of criminal law alone. Get the help of a San Luis Obispo violent crimes attorney from 805 Law Group.

Chances are you’ve heard of how criminal defense attorneys operate. To elaborate, a violent crimes lawyer can provide the following:

  • Unwavering support for your case and your rights
  • Personalized solutions to your cases
  • A good connection with clients for an excellent attorney-client relationship

An attorney from 805 Law Group takes pride in representing clients. The criminal defense lawyer lends a compassionate listening ear to get the necessary information to build a strong defense for your criminal case. The violent crimes attorney from San Luis Obispo will not allow you to be shortchanged. The lawyer understands that a fight is not always the answer, so they can mediate and negotiate when needed. 

Call a violent crimes lawyer from San Luis Obispo law firm 805 Law Group today if you are from the Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County, Arroyo Grande, Los Osos, and other nearby areas and are facing a violent crimes charge. 


What are Violent Crimes?

Violent crimes are described as harm or threats done upon a victim that involves violence. Violent crimes take on many forms, such as domestic abuse, rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and others. Depending on each state, most consider crimes involving bodily harm as violent crimes. The difference between battery and assault is that battery involves physical contact, while aggravated assault is done with a deadly weapon. 

The criminal justice system can be complicated, and you could lose or face heavier punishments. Contact a violent crimes attorney in San Luis Obispo from 805 Law Group, who can aggressively represent you in your violent crimes case and ensure you get the proper sentence. Having an attorney by your side is a great help in any legal battle. 


What are the Types of Violent Crime?

There are many classifications of violent crime. These crimes need an injured victim to be considered as ‘violent’.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes vary, and not every sex crime will be charged as a violent crime. The sex crimes that fall under this criminal charge are rape and sexual assault, especially those involving minors. Sex crimes are felonies that can result in lengthy prison time. 

Crimes Against the Person 

Each state has laws on what constitutes violent law, but non-fatal violent crimes that have caused severe injury are violent crimes, better known as crimes against the person. These can include: 

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Kidnapping
  • Domestic Violence (DV)
  • Robbery

These offenses warrant felony charges that can result in a year in jail for the defendant. Lesser violent crimes such as battery or DV charges can be considered a misdemeanor. 


Murder charges are serious felonies, but there are varying degrees of this. Involuntary manslaughter will be punished less compared to premeditated murder. 

Even though you are the defendant, you still have rights to uphold. Let a compassionate violent crimes attorney from 805 Law Group help you get a lesser sentence. 


What are the Defenses Used for Violent Crimes?

Before you can get a lesser sentence, you need a good defense for your violent crime case. Legal defenses vary from state to state and case to case, but here are some of the common ones:

  • Lack of Intent: It must be proven that there was an intention on your end to cause harm.
  • Self-Defense: Self-defense is typically raised during violent crime charges. However, the defendant must first prove that they didn’t use any more than the same amount of force used against them.
  • Mistake of Fact: The defendant must prove there was no violence involved in the crime or they weren’t the perpetrator of the crime. 


 What are the Penalties for Violent Crimes? 

The penalties for violent crime depend on the seriousness of the charges, the nature of the crime, the extent of physical damages or injuries, aggravating factors, and the victim’s traits. Other more serious charges, such as murder and kidnapping, end in 5-10 years imprisonment with fines. Crimes like battery can be charged as a misdemeanor with lesser jail time and lower damages. 


Call our Violent Crimes Attorney in San Luis Obispo Now!

Violent crimes include various acts ranging from domestic violence to sex crimes to assault and battery. State rules vary regarding consequences for violent crimes, but these usually involve imprisonment and fines. Having a violent crime charge on your record, be it a misdemeanor or a felony, can weigh heavily on your prospects. Getting in touch with a San Luis Obispo violent crimes attorney from 805 Law Group can help you straighten matters out. 

Having an attorney gives you a fair shot at the trial and a chance to explain your side and possibly lessen your sentence. Everybody deserves a fighting chance. Call our violent crimes attorney from 805 Law Group immediately for legal advice!