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Uber Accidents

Uber Accidents Attorney in San Luis Obispo, CA

If you’ve ever tried getting around using public transportation, you’ve probably encountered Uber before. Uber is a mobility service provider that enables people to book a ride via an application to get anywhere. While this may seem like a great 21st-century convenience, it still isn’t without perils. After all, an Uber still runs on roads, making it susceptible to vehicular accidents. If you find yourself in an accident while riding an Uber, it is in your best interest to arm yourself with California Uber accidents attorney. After you have gotten into an Uber accident, the first thing that comes into mind is suing for damages. While there is no set price yet on how much one can sue Uber for the accident, the San Luis Obispo Uber accidents lawyer can look deeper into the case and thoroughly review the car accident before filing for injury claims. Each crucial factor should be taken into consideration by the Uber accident attorney before taking action. 

Seasoned San Luis Obispo, CA Uber Accidents Attorney

Uber accidents attorneyThe best course of action to take if you find yourself in an Uber accident is to enlist the help of an Uber accident attorney from San Luis Obispo, CA. An accident lawyer can review your case and file claims in order for you to be compensated for damages. With over two decades of experience, the San Luis Obispo, CA is ready to give you quality representation and fight for your rights to ensure you get the best outcome possible with the help of a personal injury lawyer.  Whether you’ve been caught up in an Uber car accident or you have some pressing family matters or estate planning issues that need settling in San Luis Obispo, CA, know that a seasoned attorney is always ready to understand your side and fight for your rights in court. Get in touch with 805 Law Group’s seasoned attorneys right now. 
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Why Do I Need an Uber Accidents Attorney in California?

Getting into a car accident is no trivial matter. There are injuries, both mild and serious, one can obtain in vehicular accidents. Bodily injury such as broken bones, lacerations, spinal cord injury, brain injury are just examples of what can contribute to a catastrophic injury that can change your life. Furthermore, the aftermath of the accident and how it can affect an individual’s daily life such as lack of productivity and loss of a job that result in lost wages on top of mounting medical bills, should also be considered. Because of these challenges, getting a San Luis Obispo, CA Uber accidents attorney is important-the clients need someone to help them get back on track in the midst of an Uber accident case.  What can an Uber accident lawyer do for their clients in the first place? For starters, the lawyer reviews the case and looks at it from all angles in order to determine the at-fault party. An Uber accidents attorney can also help their clients understand compensation claims along with your rights and what areas you can get compensated for. The full-service law firm that has been in operation since 1998 can handle all aspects of a compensation claim including those to be filed by an Uber accident victim.  If you are looking for a compassionate Uber accidents attorney who is skilled and aggressive enough to fight for you in your accidents case, then look no further. A lawyer who is fully capable of handling personal injury ranging from car accidents, property damage, product liability, to premises liability can help you understand your rights and the claims you are entitled to along with providing representation and ensuring you get the best outcome. Get in touch with a San Luis Obispo, CA law office now to talk to an Uber accidents attorney.  

What are Uber Accidents?

From the term itself, Uber accidents are road mishaps that involve a passenger and a driver on a vehicle from Uber, a mobility service provider. An Uber crash falls under personal injury or car accidents specifically and the individual who was involved in this kind of accident is entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

One might be tempted to sue Uber immediately after getting into an accident but there are plenty of other factors to consider before this action. Arming yourself with a skilled San Luis Obispo, CA attorney is the first step to gain more insight into your situation before determining your next action. 

Can I Sue Uber For the Accident?

There are certain circumstances that must be taken into consideration before suing Uber for the accident. You can sue Uber if:

  • The Uber driver is using the vehicle for personal reasons without being logged into the app that they are insured for via personal auto insurance companies.
  • The Uber driver can be sued if they are logged into the app but not rendering transportation service to anyone when the accident took place and they are covered by their personal insurance policy. The Uber insurance company will then give $50,000 per injury and half this amount in damages.
  • When the Uber driver is transporting passengers and gets involved in an accident, Uber pitches in with its million-dollar policy which will cover drivers who are both insured and uninsured. 

What Damages Can I Receive From an Uber Accident?

Since Uber accidents fall under vehicular accidents, the compensation you receive is quite similar. These include: 

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Vehicular Repair
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress

Is Uber Liable for Your Injuries?

Transportation companies such as Uber regard their drivers as independent contractors, not employees. This is done in order for Uber to avoid spending on employment benefits along with limiting their liability on the drivers should they get into accidents or cause accidents themselves. Employers are likely to be held responsible for an employee’s involvement in accidents instead of independent contractors. 

Accidents caused by a rideshare driver’s actions would result in you going after the driver’s car insurance or the rideshare company’s insurance since companies like Uber require insurance coverage for drivers. However, if you find that your claim has been denied, you can file a case against Uber. This action, however, will most likely make the companies point toward the driver’s classification as an independent contractor.  

How Long Will I Wait to File A Lawsuit?

Most companies will get you to drop your right to a lawsuit and just agree on a settlement, but if you are dead set on filing a rideshare injury lawsuit, take action now. Be mindful of the fact that every state has a time limit on a person’s injury-related lawsuit filing. Missing the deadline can mean losing your right to sue along with the compensation you stand to get in your Uber accident claim. 

Call our Uber Accidents Attorney Now!

Uber, along with other rideshare companies, is a fairly new system, but there is no denying the convenience it brings. However, being an Uber passenger does not exempt you from peril, much like when you are in another vehicle. Know that if you get into an accident in an Uber vehicle, you have the right to sue and you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Going up against a big company in a new industry is daunting, which is why it is essential to have a San Luis Obispo Uber accidents attorney by your side. An attorney can review your case, negotiate claims, make the right arguments, and fight for you in court. Schedule an appointment with a San Luis Obispo Uber accidents attorney now!