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Estate Planning and Wills in California | San Luis Obispo, California

Wills Lawyers in San Luis Obispo, CA

If you manage your estate correctly, you may guarantee that your loved ones will get the highest amount of money possible. Your preferences are protected and your family’s assets are secured as much as possible from creditors and litigation via the careful writing of numerous agreements.

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805 Law Group’s experienced estate planning lawyers provide advanced estate planning services to ensure that your legacy is maintained and that you and your loved ones are taken care of. As a result, our customers come to us from all across San Luis Obispo and the state of California.

From start to finish, our team of wills lawyers here at 805 Law Group is here to help you every step of the way throughout your wills process.

For additional information about estate planning and wills in california, please contact our firm today.

Estate Planning in San Luis Obispo, CA

Many of our customers are high-net-worth people who want asset protection methods for their businesses or professions. People of all income levels are invited to use our services to document their preferences and preserve their assets.

We provide the following services to all of our customers:

Last testament and will

In the event of one’s death, a will specifies how one’s assets are to be dispersed. Having legal counsel is critical while drafting a will in order to prevent any misunderstandings. When it comes to wills, the difficulty is that you won’t be able to tell whether one is flawed until it’s too late for the people you leave behind. Your last desires for funeral and burial ceremonies may also be included in your will, in addition to designating your heirs.

Power of Attorney

Your financial and commercial affairs may be taken care of by someone you trust in the event that you become disabled. You define the extent or limits that your agent or attorney-in-fact, also known as a fiduciary, can decide on your behalf.

Health care proxy and last will and testament

Having an advance directive (sometimes known as a “living will”) is a way for you and your loved ones to express your preferences for medical treatment in the event that you are incapacitated or unable to decide for yourself. You may choose a family member to make medical choices on your behalf based on your stated preferences by having a health care proxy in place.

Navigating the Wills and Probate System in CA

Probate is a legal procedure that must be completed in most situations after a person dies. If there is no will, or if there is a will but no beneficiaries, the probate court is there to ensure that the dead person’s debts are paid and that any remaining assets are given to the correct beneficiaries.

The executor specified in the will, or the court-appointed administrator in the absence of a will, is in charge of the following:

  • Opening the estate in the probate court of the county.
  • Consolidating all assets
  • Finding and informing heirs
  • Paying back  creditors 
  • Filing estate tax 
  • Overseeing the distribution of assets to heirs and beneficiaries
  • Finalizing tally and reports

What Is A Will?

Wills are a part of the estate plan that helps your money, possessions, and property pass legally to your loved ones. Individuals who will receive your assets under the terms of the will are called “beneficiaries.” A will is considered as a legal document that declares your wishes to allocate all your assets and personal property after death.

You, as the testator or author of the will, should clearly state your plans on how and what to distribute to your chosen beneficiaries and heirs. It is mentally challenging to visualize one’s death, however, creating a will ahead of time will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to equally distribute your assets to your family.

Having a well-thought-out estate plan could protect you and your family. Consult our SLO wills and trusts attorney today to know more.

Writing A Will

Writing a will is important, not just for wealthy people, but for everyone. Your will is the key to ensuring that everything that you will leave behind when you die will be managed and handled accordingly. It is advisable to consult a reliable wills and trusts lawyer in San Luis Obispo to help you write your will according to the estate planning laws.

In writing last wills, you need to appoint a competent “executor” to carry out the will on your behalf. There are no specific restrictions in choosing an executor so you may choose any of your family members that you trust. The executor of a will is responsible for managing your properties, real estate, life insurance policies, assets, debts to be collected, tax records, tax savings, and court documents. Generally, a state probate court monitors the executor to ensure that all your instructions are carried out according to your will.

Estate planning is often one of the most important decisions we make during our lifetime – but many people don’t realize how important it is until they find themselves faced with illness or death. If this sounds like something that could be useful for you, then contact our San Luis Obispo wills and trusts attorney today about getting started on creating your estate plan!

Why Should I Make a Will in California?

A last will and testament (often referred to as a will) may aid in the protection of your family and assets. A will may be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Leaving your property to individuals (or organizations),
  • Appointing a trusted person to handle property bequeathed to minor children,
  • Appointing a personal guardian to care for your minor children, and 
  • Choosing an executor to carry out your will’s requirements.

Get help from a Wills Lawyer in California Now!

Even when a will is present, the process of probating a deceased person’s inheritance may be lengthy and tedious. Compliance with California probate law and resolution of any difficulties or legal challenges are both dependent on competent legal assistance throughout this procedure. Throughout the whole procedure, you may rely on our competent and helpful lawyers. If you reside in San Luis Obispo, we can help by fulfilling our obligations offsite and continuously coordinating with you by phone, mail, and email.

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