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Restraining Orders

Atascadero Family Lawyer

Restraining orders are a valuable tool that can be used to protect victims of stalking, harassment, abuse, or domestic violence. If you believe you need to obtain a restraining order or have been served a restraining order and need legal help, we at the 805 Law Group are here for you. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with restraining orders and can offer insight regarding your rights and options at this point in time. Your safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance, so do not hesitate to call.
You can contact an Atascadero restraining order attorney at (805) 466-4800 to discuss your particular needs, questions, and concerns.

What Does a Restraining Order Do?

A restraining order is a court order issued to prohibit a person from certain conduct, particularly in regard to contacting or approaching a certain person (the protected person). A person who violates a restraining order may be arrested and may face criminal charges and serious penalties, including imprisonment and fines.

A person who has a restraining order filed against him or her may be required to:

  • Remain a certain distance away from the protected person and his or her home, workplace, school, or vehicle;
  • Refrain from abusing or threatening the protected person;
  • Move out of a residence shared with the protected person;
  • Refrain from contacting the protected person in any way;
  • Refrain from following or stalking the protected person; and
  • Surrender any firearm he or she owns for the duration of the restraining order.

Experienced Help with Restraining Orders in San Luis Obispo & Atascadero, CA

As family law attorneys, we at the 805 Law Group can competently handle issues related to obtaining restraining orders and challenging unfair or unnecessary restraining orders. We realize these are highly emotional issues and that you not only need a champion for your rights but a knowledgeable professional who will know how to take a strategic approach that places your interests first.
For competent counsel related to a restraining order in Atascadero or the surrounding areas in San Luis Obispo County, call our firm at (805) 466-4800.