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Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Lawyer in San Luis Obispo, California

Being behind the wheel is a big responsibility. You could be involved in a bicycle accident or motorcycle accident, or you could find yourself in a truck accident or bus accident. Whether small or big vehicles are involved, being involved in a vehicle accident can be devastating and traumatic. The legal services of a top-tier San Luis Obispo bus accident lawyer to avoid stressful proceedings.

It’s one thing to ride a car driven by a friend or family member, and another to ride a vehicle driven by a total stranger. Bus drivers are professionals, and it is safe to assume that they will exercise caution on every trip. However, even for the most careful driver,  the possibility of being involved in a car crash is always there.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, you will need a lawyer who can help in recovering damages. Here at 805 Law Group, we work tirelessly to get justice and compensation for those who have suffered severe injuries due to bus accidents. Reach out to us by dialing (805) 420-7547 to get the help you need

Bus Accident Cases and Determining Liability

After seeking immediate medical attention necessary for bodily injuries, seek legal help from knowledgeable and well-trained San Diego, CA bus accident lawyers. Promptly seek legal help to stop the at-fault party’s insurers from taking advantage of you during the settlement process. 

An aggressive personal injury lawyer in San Luis Obispo could gather evidence, show that another party caused the wreck, and pursue that party and their insurer for compensation. They can help you protect your rights and help you collect compensation after an accident.

Liability of the Bus Driver

In general, if a negligent driver caused an accident while you were a passenger or the driver of another vehicle, you can bring an action against the insurance company concerned.

In some bus accident cases, the at-fault driver can evade the actual car crash. A bus driver, for instance, might make an improper left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing that driver to swerve to avoid a collision but end up striking another vehicle. The passengers of the bus will likely be unharmed, but not the ones in the other vehicles.

As with any other automobile accident, the bus driver who caused the accident has a legal obligation to remain at the accident scene. The driver who made the illegal turn or violated a traffic law and began a chain of collisions should hold responsibility, even if their vehicle did not hit any of the other cars. However, this does not mean that they will.

Liability of the Bus Company

In California, relevant state laws define buses in two different ways:

  • A vehicle designed and used to carry more than 10 individuals (including the driver), which is used to transport individuals for profit or compensation, or is used by a nonprofit group or organization
  • A vehicle designed and used to carry more than 15 individuals (including the driver)

Given these, companies handling shuttle buses, passenger vans, tour and charter buses, commuter buses, school buses, and city buses could also be liable in case a part of their fleet has been involved in an accident.

In general, a company’s insurance provider can be either directly or vicariously liable for an accident, and it is not uncommon that a company will be asked to pay damages to accident victims.

Direct liability means the company itself did something that contributed to the accident, such as failing to conduct background checks on its drivers or properly maintain fleet vehicles. Vicarious liability means the company is responsible for the actions of its drivers and employees.

Liability of the Vehicle Manufacturer

Under relevant product liability laws, personal injury victims can hold manufacturers liable for damages caused by their products. If one or more of the vehicles involved in an automobile accident contained faulty components, such as a stuck accelerator or bad brakes, vehicle manufacturers might share partial or even total liability for your losses and injuries.

A hard-working and dedicated bus accident attorney in San Luis Obispo, California will closely investigate your case, including the condition of the vehicles involved at the time of the accident. This will help determine if the manufacturer shares in the liability.

Common Types of Bus Accidents

A bus driver has the same responsibility as any other vehicle operator to drive safely and to avoid accidents with others. However, on top of the same duty of care expected from any other vehicle owner or driver, bus drivers are expected to be extra cautious when traversing roads and highways.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, around 700 million people nationwide are transported by bus every year. In America, there are more than 450,000 school buses and 30,000 commercial buses plying the roads. Unfortunately, it is estimated that annually, 12,000 children sustain injuries in school bus accidents.

Getting hit by a bus while on the road

If you were hit by a bus while walking, riding your bicycle, or driving your car, you are likely entitled to an accident claim for the injuries you have incurred. Similar to most personal injury cases, a negligence aspect requires proving liability and damages. Depending on where you are and the impact of the crash, however, these accidents often lead to minor or serious injuries.

Being involved in an accident while riding a bus

This ‘common’ passenger accident is often described as a simpler car accident case given the fact that the plaintiff (passenger) does not usually have to prove liability because one of the drivers (either of the bus or the other car) is at fault. In terms of bodily injury, the site of the collision determines the severity. If the front part of the car was hit, for example, then the passengers seated on the first few rows are likely to be injured.

Where liability is not clear, both drivers can be brought into legal action to determine fault for the plaintiff’s injuries. In such cases, another driver is liable (found at fault) or the bus driver alone can be held liable. A trusted San Luis Obispo, CA bus accident lawyer can help explain these in more detail. Call us at (805) 420-7547 or send us a message at 805 Personal Injury Attorneys today!

The Nature of Bus Accidents in California

Buses are a common means of transportation in San Diego as well as throughout the entire state. This means that there is a possibility that one can figure in a vehicle accident involving buses while in California. These can have tragic consequences for those involved, and the bus driver and company can and should be held responsible.

Bus accident claims often involve violations of traffic law or ordinances, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, unlawful lane changes, aggressive driving, reckless driving, drowsy driving, or distracted driving.

It may also involve sudden stops that cause bus passengers to suffer whiplash or head trauma (from hitting the seats in front of them), arm or foot injuries when a driver suddenly drives off before they are seated and other bodily injuries caused by the negligence of other drivers that injure innocent people.

All drivers and motorists should be held accountable for the harm they cause to those involved in a bus or car accident. If you or any family member gets involved in vehicle crashes caused by the negligence of a bus driver, whether it injured passengers or other drivers, seek legal help from a seasoned San Luis Obispo, California bus accident attorney.

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Common Bodily Injury Suffered in a Bus Accident

More than the property damage, bus accident victims have no choice but to deal with the traumatic and devastating effects of the incident, both physically and financially. Depending on the severity of the bus accident injuries, medical expenses would pile up. As such, those injured in the accident have the right to pursue an accident claim. 

Bus and car crashes often happen too quickly. Accident victims would often feel overwhelmed and disoriented right after the incident. However, it is crucial to immediately contact a local attorney who is knowledgeable with injuries common in these cases.

Fractures or Broken Bones

When a part of the body is struck hard, the bones may become fractured or broken, meaning a long, and sometimes complicated, recovery period.

Spine Injuries

This type of injury occurs mainly when the taxi stops abruptly, and part of the neck and the spine is subjected to a force that exceeds their capacity of resistance. When the movement is very abrupt, permanent injuries, or even death, can occur.

Brain Injury

A blow to the head can result in anything from bruising to a fractured skull. In the worst case, the damage goes directly to the brain. This can also cause death or affect the quality of life of the person even years after the accident.

Internal Injuries

These occur when the person’s body is struck so that one of their internal organs is harmed. Sometimes these types of injuries may not be detected initially and their consequences are greater than they may appear at first glance. They are usually preceded by muscle aches or chest and abdominal pain.

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What Happens After a Bus Accident

In general, liability insurance should help cover the medical expenses of the driver and passengers and physical damages to a vehicle involved in an accident. Medical costs are the most common damages associated with any car crash, although other things can be included.

If you are employed, personal injury claims could also include lost income and reduced earning capacity. You can claim this if you cannot return to work, or if you can only take a position that pays significantly less.

While many bus and car collisions take place on either a highway or an intersection, they can occur virtually wherever. Traffic laws require all drivers involved in an accident, regardless of fault, to stop and immediately exchange license and insurance information. How statutes and guidelines translate to real-life scenarios, however, will depend on a variety of factors. Getting a personal injury lawyer in San Luis Obispo, CA is key in obtaining what you deserve and maximizing your financial compensation.

Seek Reliable Legal Aid for Your Bus Accident Case

It is not possible to promise a specific recovery or accurately predict the dollar value of any auto accident lawsuit. However, knowledge of the type of damages involved can help determine the value of a bus accident case.

As with all other automobile accidents, accidents involving buses can be serious incidents that demand equally serious legal representation. If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, consult with a credible and compassionate California accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Apart from physical injuries, a person involved in an accident may also go through a lot of mental and emotional trauma, both immediately and even months after the accident. As such, you will need a legal professional who can help you sort out matters on insurance and injury claims. Call us at (805) 420-7547 or send us a message so we can look into your case.

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If you were injured in an accident, it is crucial to seek legal help right away. Get in touch with reliable personal injury lawyers who can help you recover after a serious fall and pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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