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San Luis Obispo High Asset Divorce Attorneys

California High Asset Divorce

The complicated divorce process becomes even more complex in cases involving high net worth individuals. In these cases, asset division between business owners leads to arguments over real estate control and any other business interests between spouses. Due to these difficulties, you will want an experienced divorce attorney from a reputable law firm to assist in your settlement.

Tensions between spouses will always be present during the divorce process, and high-value marital assets create more stress through property division decisions. In some instances, forensic accountants may need to intervene to ensure all parties receive an equal division of community assets.

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The Complexity of High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce proceedings, custody decisions, child support, and spousal support make matters challenging for everyone involved. When ownership or investments in successful businesses also play a part in the separation process, the strain of the process only grows.

Complex property division in high asset divorce cases involves the determination of fair distribution regarding ownership of marital assets like vacation homes, commercial properties, or stock options. Professional practices, art investments, and deferred compensations, like 401k plans, will also require equal division between spouses.

This distribution can prove problematic in many cases and needs the attention of experienced attorneys who understand the particulars of divorces involving parties with high net worth.

High Asset Divorce Cases Require an Experienced Family Law Attorney

When dividing marital assets, accurately determining the worth of high-value assets is a demanding undertaking. High asset divorce attorneys with experience in such cases can formulate strategies to ensure that you receive a fair settlement. However, cases of high asset divorce may need the expertise of others as well.

Besides forensic accountants that can ensure all of the marital assets are present during financial disclosure, your attorney may work with tax specialists, appraisers, and experts on business valuation. Business valuation experts determine any professional businesses’ value, where appraisers will determine the value of assets like art, jewelry, or antiques.

An appraiser can also gauge the value of real estate properties, whether commercial, residential, or vacation properties. Your divorce lawyer will also help discern individual assets from community marital assets and can prevent you from losing ownership of high-value assets which are rightfully yours.

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High asset divorce attorneys may not be able to ease much of the emotional burden of divorce. Still, an experienced attorney from 805 Law Group may be able to help you retain financial stability. For individuals in high-asset divorce cases, maintaining the lifestyle you enjoyed during your marriage is important. The lawyers of 805 Law Group work hard to help you find a fair settlement.

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