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Can the community be compensated for student loan payments?

student loan payments

I helped put her through school. Can I get compensated for that?

I’m William Ausman, the founder of 805 Law Group. Our CA family law firm often gets asked, “If I help put them through school, can I get compensated?”

This is an excellent question; the answer is yes, the community can be compensated for the student loan payments and what it paid for this education.

The courts are going to look at many factors. 

  • Has the community materially benefited from this education? 
  • How much did they receive? 
  • How much did it cost? 
  • How much have they paid?

The courts will look through this. As family law attorneys, we often go through this piece by piece to determine what information is presented to the court so that we can ensure that our clients get a total and thorough compensation for helping the other spouse through school.

We often take this one step at a time, and we can get people the maximum contribution and compensation in their family law cases.

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