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San Luis Obispo Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Attorneys Solve Family Legal Problems

Divorce attorneys, good ones at least, understand how difficult divorce is on families. Our divorce attorneys work to resolve the legal issues of your divorce while helping to lay the groundwork for both parties to start their new lives apart. Our San Luis Obispo divorce attorneys feel that it is important to fight hard if needed but not destroy the family in the process. Your situation may require a divorce lawyer who has experience with high asset value divorces or child custody or child support issues. No matter the specifics of your case our family law attorneys can help you. Selecting the right divorce lawyer for your case may be the best thing that you can do for your family. Call or chat with the divorce attorneys at 805 Family Law today. We are the right choice.

What is Uncontested Divorce?

When a marriage comes to its conclusion, it’s never easy. Even if you and your spouse already went through legal separation, the finality of divorce can weigh heavy on both individuals. Although the process can be emotional, when both parties can amicably agree to the terms of the divorce proceedings, much of that emotional weight gets relieved. Our divorce attorneys can help defuse situation that may derail an uncontested divorce and help keep the peace during a time that is fraught with conflict. In an uncontested divorce, both you and your spouse must agree on decisions about child custody and spousal support as well as the division of marital assets. Your divorce lawyer will take the collective decisions of you and your spouse and turn it into a marital settlement agreement. Under California divorce law, a court will need to review your terms when you and your spouse finish drafting the marital settlement agreement. An uncontested divorce is typically the least expensive and quickest way to end the marriage. An uncontested divorce may also do less damage to the fabric of a family when children are involved. Even if your spouse doesn’t contest the divorce, divorce attorneys can ensure the terms are fair for both parties. Call 805-466-4800 to schedule a free consultation with a divorce lawyer from 805 Family Law.

What is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce is probably what most people think of when they think about divorce proceedings. In general, if one side has a divorce lawyer, the other side is wise to hire one of the divorce attorneys from 805 Family Law. Our divorce attorneys are known for being tough but fair and for providing excellent family law representation in divorce cases. In a contested divorce, the parties are unable to agree on the terms of the divorce or some part of the divorce. When you or your spouse disagree on issues like spousal support or property division, a judge will have to decide for you. If you agree on any issues, divorce attorneys will recommend that you draft your agreement on those issues before scheduling a court date. You and your spouse will save time and money by agreeing without a court’s intervention. In the case that you cannot rectify your issues, you might also choose collaborative divorce with a divorce lawyer to avoid significant court fees. Divorce attorneys that assist with family law matters may be able to guide both parties toward a mutual agreement.

Divorce Attorneys and the Divorce Process

The process of divorce usually begins when one of the divorce attorneys for one spouse files a divorce petition with the court. If you believe your divorce will be contested, your divorce lawyer may recommend that you secure your accounts and assets as well as copy important documents. After you petition for divorce, a third party with no connection to the case will serve your divorce papers. In some cases, your divorce lawyer may recommend filing a request for temporary orders at this time.

Once your spouse receives the divorce papers (been served), divorce attorneys will help you to prepare the required financial disclosures. This can be a lengthy process, but it is required in every divorce case. Financial disclosures are necessary for the division of debts or assets. It is essential, particularly in high asset divorce, that both parties disclose all financial details. Divorce attorneys can contact either party for evidence that strengthens the case as long as the trial is not within 60 days.

At any time during a contested divorce you and your spouse agree on the settlement, your divorce lawyer will prepare a settlement agreement and request that the family law judge approve it. Upon both parties’ agreement and court approval, your marriage will conclude. Otherwise, family law cases will go to court where a judge will rule and decide how to resolve the contested issues. After judgment, you will need to take care of name changes, closing joint accounts, and any other matters affected by the divorce.

Find Help From Divorce Attorneys in San Luis Obispo

California is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither party has to prove wrongdoing by the other spouse to get a divorce. The fact that one spouse cheated or did something else to cause the divorce typically has no effect on the outcome. Being a no-fault divorce state does not make California divorces any easier, but the divorce attorneys from 805 Family Law can help ease the burden of a divorce on you and make the process feel less complicated. We also strive to keep your divorce attorneys’ fees low by resolving your divorce as quickly as possible while working to resolve conflicts that may cost you more in fees and court costs.

For assistance with your contested divorce, uncontested divorce, military divorce, or LGBT divorce, contact the divorce attorneys of 805 Family Law today at 805-466-4800. The initial consultation is free.