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First Steps After an Injury in the Workplace

injured on the job

injured on the job

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The personal injury attorneys at the 805 Law Group in California have assisted plaintiffs in recovering millions of dollars in damages. If you are injured on the job in the state of California, you are entitled to financial compensation for both physical and emotional injuries. Compensation for out-of-pocket losses, such as medical expenses and missed earnings, as well as “non-economic” damages, such as pain and suffering, are examples.

Every situation is unique. That is why we evaluate all of the information to put together the strongest case possible to offer to the liable party, insurance company, or, if necessary, a jury. Suppose you or someone you know has been hurt due to another person’s carelessness, recklessness, or deliberate unlawful behavior. In that case, we encourage you to contact one of our skilled California personal injury attorneys. We provide free consultations and do not charge any fees unless and until your case is settled or won.

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in California. It doesn’t matter if you were harmed on a construction site while falling from scaffolding or in a slip-and-fall in an office building; you’re covered if you were hurt at work or while doing job-related responsibilities.

However, it would help if you took a few measures to guarantee the coverage you are entitled to. Continue reading to learn about the initial actions you should take after suffering a work-related injury. If you were injured on the job in California, contact a workers’ compensation attorney for help.

What Are the Steps in Documenting Your Work Injury?

To qualify for benefits, you must jump through all of the necessary legal hoops. Employers and insurance providers frequently hunt for reasons to refuse or limit payment on claims to safeguard their financial line.

The methods outlined below will help you document your workplace injuries so that you can get workers’ compensation payments and protect any other legal rights you may have. Call a devoted and efficient compensation attorney if you have any more questions or need assistance submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

Report the Accident to Your Employer

You must follow the proper procedures to obtain workers’ compensation coverage. The first step is to notify your employer–either a supervisor, a human resources representative or another official–of your injury.  You have 30 days after the occurrence to disclose your injuries to your employer in California. If you don’t report the accident within 30 days, you’ll lose your workers’ compensation coverage. While you should seek any necessary emergency medical attention as soon as possible, reporting the event should come first.

While you may be hesitant to report an accident, mainly if you were the one who caused it, you must do so. With a few exceptions, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of how the accident happened (such as if you were intoxicated on the job or if you intentionally injured yourself).

See a Doctor and Tell Them It’s a Work Injury

As soon as possible following your accident, see a doctor. It would help if you took time off from work to see the doctor. Your employer may have a defined list of in-network physicians for workplace injuries or have informed all workers about the physician medical care network. If that’s the case, ask your boss for the network or list of doctors, and pick your doctor from there.

You can see your doctor if you’ve given your company permission to do so. You must notify your doctor that your ailment is work-related, whether you go to a doctor recommended by your company or your pre-designated doctor. Your physician will then bill your employer or workers’ compensation insurance provider. A bill for treating a work-related injury should never be sent to you directly.

It’s also crucial to tell your doctor about all of your symptoms, as well as the nature of the injury. The more thoroughly you describe your symptoms, the more likely they will recognize all of the injuries that arose from your workplace accident.

Gather Your Evidence

After your injury, you can begin building your claim. Gather all of the information you can about your injury. Medical documents from before and after your accident, the results of an independent medical examination, witness testimonies (in writing), employment records, and medical bill receipts can all assist you in documenting your workplace injury claim.

Even after you’ve submitted your original claim form, keep collecting documents since you may need to offer extra proof later. Keep copies of all documentation for your records and share them with your workers’ compensation attorney.

Submit a Claim for Workers’ Compensation

Within one day of reporting your injuries, your employer must provide you with a claim form. Fill out your form section and return it to the employer as soon as possible. The paperwork will be sent to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, which will examine your claim. 

Claims for workers’ compensation can be complicated and sophisticated. Any minor blunder might result in your coverage being revoked or your claim being denied outright. Workers’ compensation insurance companies continually seek methods to avoid paying a claim. Get a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney on your side early in the process to ensure that your claim is submitted correctly, that the insurance company is performing a thorough investigation, and that your claim is not incorrectly denied or discounted.

Discuss your injuries and your claim form with an experienced California workers’ compensation lawyer for help filling out your claim form completely and in a way that maximizes your benefits. Your lawyer will make sure that you receive the best medical treatment possible, that you receive all of the disability benefits to which you are entitled, and that you do not go bankrupt in the process.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in California due to someone else’s negligence, please call our personal injury law office at 805 Law Group to speak with a compassionate and professional attorney about your case.  Alternatively, you may fill out the form on this page, and a lawyer will call you when convenient for you.Contact us right now to secure the most compensation and justice you deserve. Our accident attorneys represent clients all around the state of California. We also handle matters on estate planning, should you also need advice in this area.