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Car Insurance Claim Denial: What to Do?

car accident claims

Apart from instantly getting medical help, the first thing on your mind when in a car accident is the cost. We are all well aware of the damage that car accidents can cause both on the victim and the liable party. This is why getting car insurance is often reiterated to us. Car insurance exists in order to help lower costs by covering most of the damages and expenses. 

Filing car accident claims against the insurer of the liable party is usually the step after you’ve come out of a nasty car accident. Insurance companies typically settle the disputes as very few car accident cases go to trial. However, not everything goes the way we plan it. Sometimes, car accident claims can get denied. 

Find out what to do should your car insurance claim get denied and what the common reasons are for denying a claim. Knowing the reasons for getting denied should help you take better steps towards filing for car accident claims to ensure a seamless filing process. 

Enlist the help of a San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyer to not only represent you in times of accidents but to help you get maximum compensation after getting into an accident. You deserve to have your quality of life restored in the best possible way and navigating the system with legal assistance is one of the best ways to do so.

Car Insurance Claims: What You Have to Know

car accident claims

Before going into the top reasons why car accident claims are denied, it is important to first understand what car insurance claims are. Car insurance claims are filed by those involved in an accident to help settle damages with an insurer so that the accident case needn’t go to court. Maintaining proper communication with insurance companies is essential when filing car insurance claims. 

Upon getting into an accident, call your insurance agent and inform them of the incident. Be sure to understand your coverage and take note of everything that’s been said between you and your agent. Remember to take pictures and save evidence from the accident scene. Honesty is always the best policy and being fraudulent can cause your claim to get denied, so be honest with your statements and discuss every detail of the accident. 

It is important to understand the terms and conditions of your coverage. Know the difference between replacement coverage and depreciated or actual cash value. Replacement coverage requires you to replace the lost items prior to getting full reimbursement. Remember as well to keep receipts of all purchases made in connection to pursuing your car accident claim until the final settlement. 

What Not to Do in Car Insurance Claims

Now that you’re acquainted with the essential steps to look out for when filing car accident claims, take note of what actions to avoid when filing claims.  When filing claims, abstain from giving any recorded or written statements until the coverage is fully understood and refrain from accepting appraisals of losses that the insurer provides. Some insurers can lowball you in terms of estimator’s repairs. 

Avoid signing releases and contracts until any legal advice is given to you. Consult with a San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyer when faced with documents that are required of you to sign. You might find yourself caught up in an inadequate settlement. Avoid accepting checks with “final payment” on them until you are ready. Also, be mindful of time limits on your policy. 

On the note of being mindful of time, it is important to call your attorney if your claim hasn’t been settled 11 months after. You could lose your right to sue if you ever plan on going to court. 

Navigating car insurance claims can be quite tricky, and there are plenty of terms that can be quite difficult to understand. Enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer to avoid confusion and get maximum compensation for your medical expenses and even lost wages.

Why Your Car Insurance Claim has been Denied

Nothing can spell hassle more than finding out that your car accident claim has been denied. While there is an expectation for the policy to pay off once filed, sometimes these claims can get denied for an array of reasons. It is important to get acquainted with the most common reasons for car accident claim denial and what you can do in case you are at the receiving end of this. 

  • Policy Limits. Since most insurance policies have a limit, you can find yours denied if your claim is higher than the coverage limit.  
  • Violation of Laws. Despite having an adequate kind of coverage, being found guilty of breaking the law during the time of the accident can cost you your car accident claim. Examples of typical road violations that can lead to a claim getting denied include driving without a license or driving under the influence. 
  • Policy Coverage. There are various kinds of policy coverages available but you can only use the coverage that you have. Among these coverages include property damage liability which takes care of damage caused by a collision and comprehensive coverage which covers other damages. If you only have one kind of coverage, getting into an accident not covered by the said policy, could result in denial of your claim. 
  • Others. Other causes of car accident claim denial include not immediately reporting an accident, not seeking medical attention, and providing false information. 

Most of these are avoidable, especially those that involve breaking the law and reporting incidences. However, should you find yourself tangled up in a complicated policy situation, it would be best to seek legal help from a seasoned San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyer to help you with the steps you need to take in order to get your claim approved. 

What To Do In Case Your Claims Get Denied

In case your claims get denied, it would be best to contact your state’s insurance department or seek legal assistance. Report the claim immediately and be sure to have the other driver’s details along with accident evidence ready. Make it a point to have a  claim that is within your own company and not the other driver’s insurer. 

Obtain detailed estimates for a more positive outcome with your claim which you can get from asking expert mechanics on the prices of parts. If you disagree with a settlement, it is best to speak up and prove through documents and receipts that your car is of high value in order to get the compensation you deserve. 

Seek Legal Help

It can be complicated to find the ideal car insurance policy and sometimes you can even find your car accident claims denied. If you find yourself at the receiving end of a car insurance claim denial, contact the personal injury lawyers at 805 Law Group   to help you navigate this tricky situation. These accident lawyers represent you and help you come out on top with the compensation that is fair for your situation. Schedule an appointment with a San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyer now.